Saturday, January 28, 2006

4-17-34 to 1-25-06

My husband's Dad and the children's Granddad passed away Wednesday, this week. He had been battling prostate cancer for 18 months and was winning until these last 3 weeks. We were told almost 2 weeks ago that he had a week to 6 weeks left. The twins (almost 3) last saw Granddad the 2 weeks ago Friday before he went into the hospital and before we knew the prognosis. Jab and I decided to take our 5, 7, and 13 year old to see him in the hospital before Dad came home on hospice. We didn't tell them it was goodbye before they went in and they really didn't talk with Granddad but Aunt Darlene, the kids and I just chatted quietly between ourselves for a little while while we were in the room with Granddad sleeping. We knew this would be comforting to Dad. That evening we explained to the children that Granddad was really sick and that he was going to go and be with Jesus really soon. We told them that Granddad really wanted them to be there that night so that he could enjoy their presence, but that he didn't want anyone to cry in the room so he asked us to wait until afterwards to tell them. They did not see him again until the funeral home.

Alex did get to spend a lot of time with me at Aunt Darlene's house while I helped to take care of Granddad, but we had Alex occupied with schoolwork, and distracted with games. Alex was in the house when Granddad passed away but he was unaware until almost an hour and a half later after all the "officials" had come and gone.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pray for my FIL

We were told some devistating news on Monday. My FIL, Al, has lost his battle with cancer. It started as prostate cancer, then spread to the bone. It was responding well to treatment, but in the last 3 weeks his PSA's increased dramatically so my SIL took him in on Monday for some tests. The cancer has spread to his kidneys with no hope for recovery. He is now at home (my SIL's) and is in hospice care. However, hospice care does not mean that he is cared for 24-7 or even 8 hours a day. The only care not provided by family is about 7 1/2 hours a week, M-F.

Please pray for our family as we go through this final journey with my FIL. He is my "Dad" and I love him as such. I probably won't be posting anymore to this blog until he has passed on.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Tomorrow I am going to quit talking about Speech Therapy for Shelby and really do something about it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Did you know that you HAVE to start eating a banana from the pointed end?

Usually Kurt and Shelby will get their own whole banana for breakfast, but this morning I only had one to share between them. So I had to break it in half as I've done on several occasions. They are never happy about it, but a half of a banana is better than no banana. Anyway, I have a habit of giving it to them with the broken side up, but they always turn it around and start eating from the pointed end.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The lovliest sounds

"mmmm-mmmm" when your child is squeezing your neck really tight. It's especially sweet when all 5 are doing it at the same time.

Children giggles when they don't know you are listening.

"I love you, mama."

When one of the twins asks their crying sibling, "Okay? Okay?"

That small patting sound when your toddler pats your back like you've done to them since birth for comfort and burping purposes.

"mmmmmWWAAAA!" They start that mmmmm sound 10 steps before they get to you and are at a full run when they jump in your lap or arms.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ellie Update--Prayers still needed

Ellie was removed from dialysis over the weekend. She continues making urine on her own, so they are monitoring her. The doctors have told JL and Liz that she may need to go back on dialysis sometime in the future, but right now, she is doing well enough to be off of it! We were very excited about that.

Since she isn't on a vent or dialysis anymore, JL and Liz have been putting her in a wagon and pulling her around the hospital, outside for walks on the sidewalk, etc...just to get her out of the hospital.

She is still basically "asleep" and has very brief periods of alertness. When she is alert, she is often very angry and scared and cries a lot. I know that is very hard for everyone to see and deal with.

Right now, plans are being made for Ellie to be transferred to a rehab hospital. There is not a hospital available in Austin, so right now they are looking at one in Dallas. Because of the stroke, she will have to learn to walk and talk again. The doctors are unsure as to the extent of the brain damage, so we may also be looking at some form of mental retardation. It will be just a waiting game to determine that.

I'll let you know more as I hear it. Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Good News = EKG is excellent

The bad news is that I thought I was about to have a heart attack and I was hurting bad enough to elevate my blood pressure to 179 over 98 about 2 hours after my most severe pain.

Still not exactly sure why I had the pain in my chest and radiating into my arm above my elbow, though. But the doctor seems to think it had to do with a chest muscle.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

I spent some special time with the kids today. I took them to McDonald's playland for a couple of hours after we cleaned the house today in preparation for their two cousins to spend Sunday night with them. We went for two reasons. First, Darlene (SIL) asked me to pick up supper for my FIL as she needed to sleep today to go to work tonight. Second, It's easier to keep a clean house if you are NOT IN IT!!!

Afterwards, I took them to Mama's house so I could wash laundry (my washer is out of commission). She and my step-dad are sick. So the kids all played outside for a couple hours while I helped put away most of the Christmas decor between washing my 8 loads of laundry. By 7:30 I still was not finished with laundry, so I took the kids home, put Kurt and Shelby down for the night. Then I set Mary-Jo and Al up to watch the fireworks out their bedroom window to watch the neighbors fire them off. Afterwards, they watched the Scooby-Doo movie until Jab got home from work around 10pm. I finished my laundry around 1:45am and then loaded up and crept home while keeping an eye out for drunks.

It's not our usual NYE. However, Jab & my SIL are off work and the kids got an extra day off from school on Monday, so we will be doing our celebration with that side of the family on Jan 2nd.

I hope all my net friends had a nice NYE and I pray that all of you are blessed with much happiness throughout 2006.