Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Fruit Cocktail Cherries

Do you remember counting out the fruit cocktail cherries so that another sibling wouldn't get more that you?

This afternoon after putting Kurt and Shelby down for their nap, Alex asked if he could have some fruit. He brought me the Fruit Cocktail can (family size of course) to open. When I pulled the lid off I saw all the cherries and it brought me back to my childhood. I'm the oldest of 3 girls and we would argue over who had more cherries. Beware if you did because the other 2 sisters would make sure they got their fair share! However, today as I was eating a bowl for myself, I just was not as impressed with the taste of the cherries. Today it was all about the peaches.

I have other half and step siblings, but they did not come into the picture until I was away at college.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


When the last parent pass away there is much division to be done. It is especially difficult to do when both children have not been told of the wishes and the parent has not left a spelled out list of his/her wishes. There is a lot of sentimentality attached to items left behind and feelings can be hurt when inheritance is not divided equally. This is the lesson that I am learning after the passing of my husband's last parent.

Jaba's & my SIL's work schedules preclude them from being able to go into their dad's house together. So it's been my SIL and myself going through everything. I've told Jab that it's hard for me to tell his sister, "no, I think Jab would like to have that." It's not that I can't tell her no, because I am representing Jaba's interest while I'm there, it's that I love both of them and I hurt for both of their loss. Essentially, they are all that is left. There are no Aunts, Uncles or cousins that they grew up with. It is just them, their spouses and their children.

There is still a lot left to do so if I don't update as often as I normally do, I know that my friends will understand.