Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Baseball has started

Al and Mary-Jo started ball practice last week. I have to say, I'm having so much fun! Really, I am. I get to play with ball with Mary-Jo, Al, and the boys on Al's team before the coach makes it to practice and during Al's team's second practice the coach even asked if I'd help out. So I got to play pitcher pretty much the whole time. It only took me about 50 pitches before I got into the zone.

Opps, this was suppose to be about the kids. Mary-Jo and Al are really enjoying playing ball with Mama.

Basketball is finished

Upwards Basketball season is over. Mary-Jo and Alex played this year. Cynthia was too old and Kurt and Shelby have 2 more years before they are eligible.
Al thoroughly enjoyed playing basketball even if he's not the most talented he did the most sharing--making sure that everyone got to touch the ball equally. Mary-Jo wouldn't even get on the court until the last 4 games of the season. The first game that she was finally coaxed to get into was during the last 2 minutes. As soon as she walked onto the court she was hit by the ball and that was it for that game. The next game I bribed her with skittles. She got to taste a color of the rainbow for every 2 minutes that she played. She played most of the second half that game. Then the next game she played the whole game and even passed the ball inbound a couple of times. The final game she was still tentative about playing, but she did play the whole game again and even dribbled the ball a couple of times then quickly passed it off when she allowed it to be passed inbound to her during the last half of the game.

No that's not an excuse to avoid, forget or ignore my blog and keeping a record of what is going on in the SMACK household.