Monday, September 28, 2009

Revisiting my 50 by 50

Hmmmmm, not doing too well, but I will be happy and joyful if only number 1 is completed

1. Lead my children to salvation.
  • Cynthia (July 2009)
  • Alex (April 2009)
  • Mary-Jo (February 2009)
  • Shelby
  • Kurt
  • Nadia
2. Go on a mission trip in a 3rd world country (at least once every 3-5 years).
3. Take an Anniversary Cruise Trip (I don't care where!).
4. Return to and maintain average weight of 175 pounds.
5. Buy enough land to leave 2-3 acres to each of my children.
6. Repair and recover my furniture to coordinate.
7. Build a shed for storage.
  • completed 2007
8. Take a week vacation every year with Jab and the children.
  • 2007 Dollywood
  • 2008 VBS
  • 2009 VBS
9. Get a family portrait at least once every year
10. Finish my college degree
11. Meet all my RMM friends in person
  • Sandi, Anissa, Cindy, Lisa
12. Be a good long-term friend for the rest of my or their lifetime to at least one person outside of my family.
13. Host Christmas at our home for my husband's family (just his sister and nephews, but we always must do it at their home.
14. Write a children's book about Cynthia, for Cynthia
15. Write a children's book about Mary-Jo, for Mary-Jo
16. Write a children's book about Al, for Al
17. Write a children's book about Shelby, for Shelby
18. Write a children's book about Kurt, for Kurt
19. Renew my wedding vows before God as a Christian
20. Throw a surprise 40th birthday for Jaba
  • Didn't do this I'm moving it to his 50th birthday
21. Read the entire Bible through every year
  • sadly this has not happened yet as of Sept 2009
22. Print all of my dig cam photos.
23. Put all pictures in photo albums (I'm not a scrapper)
  • Was caught up as of Jan 2009
24. Scrapbook senior year for each of the children
  • I can't believe my oldest will be a Senior Aug '10
25. Finish remodel, floors, window/door & basboard trim as well as paint entire interior
  • Living Room is complete!
26. Put up a fence around my entire property
27. Put in a swimming pool after the youngest child turns at least 5
  • We had a pool this summer for the kids! They loved it!
28. Add large deck off of the French doors in my living room.
29. Decorate my home
30. Once my kitchen is finished, invite family and/or friends over for dinner at least once a month
  • It's still not completely finished, but we've done lots of dinners over the last 2 years. Have had a great timel.
31. Assist each of my children in attending college (although Kurt and Shelby will be HS seniors the year I turn 50)
32. Be submissive and say, "Yes, Lord," even when I do not understand
33. After all the children are in school, become a regular volunteer for a local ministry and/or non-profit
  • This last year I have volunteered quite often (almost full-time) for our children's ministry at our church. I have been so blessed!
34. Become a mentor to a young mother (other than any of my children)
35. Be a Christmas Cheer donor for at least one family every year
36. Provide Thanksgiving dinner for a needy family every year
  • We did not do this in 2007 or '08, We did do this in Sept of this year.
37. Volunteer to read for a homebound or nursing home senior
  • I did not read a book, but last year and this year we did Christmas Cards for many seniors families.
38. Volunteer in a soup kitchen/food pantry
39. Grow my hair long and donate to lock of love
40. Do not color my hair (unless my husband asks me to)
  • Still going strong--no color yet
41. Play in a community orchestra
42. Learn to play the oboe
43. Teach each of my children to play an instrument
  • Cynthia--clarinet
44. Sing as a family for a special in church (jab is omitted from this one)
45. Memorize, learn and apply at least once scripture a week
  • not doing so great on the application, but the memorizing is going well thanks to Awana.
46. Pray with my husband on a regular basis
47. Family devotions at least once weekly (led alternately by everyone in the family)
48. Develop and stick to a true budget
49. Tummy tuck once I've maintained my weight goal for at least one year
50. Live to see my 50th birthday!!!!

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